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Fashion logistics

TRANSAF Logistics renders the Fashion logistics service

Fashion logistics is a special industry. 

The most important thing here is the team’s professionalism and clear understanding of the tasks set. The fashion is very demanding and the same refers to the logistics.

Our team deals with such tasks in a very successful manner. We dedicated a separate direction for the Fashion logistics service, in order to cope with this industry’s caprices to the maximum extent.

Why should you choose Fashion logistics with TRANSAF Company? 
• We ensure the gentlest delivery of the most delicate items, to the maximum.
• We settle customs issues of difficult materials and brands in an efficient way.
• We know how to minimise the risks and to ensure the full safety of your freights.
• We arrange the quickest and optimal route.
• We provide all supporting services and thus reduce the time from goods arrival to the point of destination, to display thereof on the shop counters

Our vehicle fleet is provided with semitrailers – isothermal vehicles with grids, where garment hangers may be installed, specially, for this transport direction. So, the clothes will arrive to the point of destination in perfect condition, due to such kind of transport.

TRANSAF Logistics: we do our best to make freight transport mobile and safe.
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